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OCTOFIT brings total body workouts to you through on-demand access coupled with the most versatile and innovative training tool to hit the fitness industry to date. We successfully funded on Kickstarter. Preorder Now.

Revolutionizing On-Demand Fitness

Comprehensive. Versatile. Innovative.

We believe in the power of community. With our on-demand OCTOFIT workouts, you experience a challenging, energizing atmosphere that inspires and motivates you through every level of your fitness journey, while enjoying the ability to share and stay accountable with others. The fully adjustable OCTOFIT is there every step of the way, providing stability, low impact needs of a beginner, yet versatile enough to challenge even the most seasoned athlete.

All-in-One Solution

We believe in versatility. OCTOFIT is the first device on the market created to effectively address all industry touchstones of physical fitness and sports training. Build strength through resistance. Increase endurance and coordination with plyometric bench. Improve proprioception and reduce injury by utilizing risers and adjustable balancing base.


Fitness Programs to meet your needs

Level 10 Group X offers a variety of on-demand and in studio classes

Our GX Series is a group of live on-demand group fitness classes designed for audiences motivated by results. Utilizing the principle’s of HIIT, we strategically insert short bursts of high intensity exercises, and is designed to incorporate 4 sets of fitness principles.

An all inclusive program, where we target the mind, nutrition, and full body workouts to keep you focused on the end goal to gain fast results.

Offered in studio, these classes allow you to train like an athlete. Developed by a team made up of an exercise physiologist, professional coaches, athletes and group fitness instructors to provide you the ultimate sports conditioning solution.

Engineered in Portland, OR

Created by top Tri-Athlete

From the creator of SnapLaces, Reggie Senegal pushes athletic endeavors and innovative products to the edge. A tri-athlete, entrepreneur, inventor, and dad,  Reggie Senegal started Level Ten Products to further provide intelligently designed fitness tools to empower athletes and the health conscious to transcend their limits and reach the next level.


Durable Polymer

28″W x 6″H
Tru-Grip Non-Slip Surface


Stackable risers with locking mechanism
Converts into Aerobic/Plyometric Bench


Interchangeable Balance dome options with abiity to increase/decrease range of wobble motion


Resistance Bands
Squat Belt Attachment

OCTOFIT | Complete Fitness Toolbox

Designed to incorporate the most effective elements of a multi-dimensional training program. The OCTOFIT provides a sturdy and stable platform for cardio and strength training, complete with stackable risers and a safety-grip surface.  Try OCTOFIT and begin reaching your fitness goals.

OCTOFIT was successfully funded on Kickstarter!

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Level 10 Products is a Portland, Oregon based fitness company, committed to providing people with smart fitness tools that help them transcend their limits and reach the next level.

Versatile. Innovative. Comprehensive