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LEVEL 10 Products

LEVEL10 Products, Inc designs, markets and sells innovative, health and fitness related products with multi-solution purposes. Through high level engineering industry expert training and ongoing educational services its mission is to assist their customers in transcending their limits. Our products are designed with your aspirations, your challenges and your victories in mind. Backed by our seal of reassurance we’ve coined as:

[R.E.S.T.] Results – Education – Service – Trust!

About Reggie Senegal

Reggie Senegal is a dynamic entrepreneur and athlete. He founded his first company Kinetic Fitness Systems in 2005, where he invented and designed the patented products 1Vest and SpiderWEB, two functional training, sports performance and rehabilitation products.

Reggie went on to invent SnapLaces and start the company SnapLaces, Inc. As former President/CEO and VP of Innovation, Reggie was responsible for the shared vision of the company and of all innovative creations of the SnapLaces product line.

While still currently Chairman of the Board and Shareholder of SnapLaces Inc., Reggie has moved on to fully focus on his parent company, LEVEL10 Products. The OCTOFIT will be the first product released under Level10 Products. Reggie continues to work hard at his craft inventing, developing, designing, trademarking and patenting other fitness products, which will launch in the coming years!

Prior to these accomplishments, Reggie shined in his highly decorated track & field career at the Northeast Louisiana University and a brief professional career after college. Reggie then moved out west, becoming a renowned, Portland-based personal trainer and sports performance coach in 1999. Though he excelled in this regard, Reggie couldn’t escape an underlying sense of a greater purpose. His remarkable insight allowed him to see what others couldn’t see, kinetic imperfections and functional flaws related to body movement and athletic equipment. This insight drove him to take matters into his own hands by upgrading the fitness industry with the aforementioned inventions.

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